Who is Thiru Cumaran?

I don’t want to really patronise myself here, so I’ll be as self-depreciating as possible.

I’m a blogger (jeez, isn’t that pretty obvious) who rarely updates my blog.

I’m unemployed and am sick and tired of searching for a job. Therefore, I’ve decided to continue blogging and hope that The Guardian UK will see how ‘lovely’ my work is and send Lawrence Booth spinning out of the office and make me the editor of Top Spin.

There, that’s all.

PS – John Howard stole my nickname. I was the true CRICKET TRAGIC for nearly 2 and a half years. However, announcement of Johnny as the ICC president from 2012 sickened me to the depth of my stomach. I couldn’t bear to share my precious nickname. Therefore, I had to let it go! Boo-hoo!!!


  1. Hello Thiru,

    any chance you could add my new blog about club cricket in england to your blog roll, and I will return the favour.


  2. Baiju Nair says:

    Are u the previous Indian bowler T. Kumaran, he he…?

  3. Vasu says:

    Nice cricket blog Thiru…hope you have mor success as a cricket writer / blogger than Thirunavukarasu Kumaran had as a fast bowler 🙂


  4. Subash Jayaraman says:


    Could you email me please? I am forming a website for pure, unadulterated cricket opinions from writers around the world. Wondering whether you’d be interested in bringing the SL perspective. I have submitted the email through the form. you can find me on twitter @thecricketcouch

  5. Frank says:

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. We are happy to offer you a 10% discount to our Online Store if you do so. Please email me back and I would be happy to give you our link.



  6. Hi Thiru

    We recently launched our website http://diehardcricketfans.org
    It is a fan centric site where fans from all around the world can express themselves.

    You seem to be a big fan of cricket and also blog about it.

    We are looking for fans who can contribute articles to the site. As you are a diehard cricket fan we were wondering if you would like to participate.

    We are currently a team of around 20 fans now who are actively participating in it. We would love to have you on board with us.

    All credit is given to the author, you can link your fb/twitter page and your Original blog posts.

    Waiting for a positive response

    DieHard Cricket Fans

  7. John Shute says:

    Hi Thiru. Have you seen this contest to send a cricket blogger on an all expenses paid trip to the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka next month? Think you’d be perfect!! http://www.moneygramcricket.com/ultimate-cricket-fan


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