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….is just like a soap opera!

Interim coach Andy Flower says that there’s nothing to worry about.

Sure, I believe that…

Defeats happen all the time…

Once in a while, an abject defeat takes place….

I suppose it’s the timing of the defeat that has got so many conspiracy theories running amok. The ‘KP-Moores’ fiasco, along with the auction of the IPL, has got conspiracy theories being thrown about like money to a bunch of beggars.

For one thing, though people always claim the Indian media to be like a swooping vulture, the English media is no different. I still remember reading an article about the legendary Windies spinner Sonny Ramadin. His actual name was ‘KT Ramadin’. However, Ramadin didn’t know what his initials meant and, since his teachers used to call him ‘son’, he just adopted the name ‘sonny’. However, the English media, when he toured England with WI, relentlessely kept bugging him about what KT stood for!

I don’t think England have too much to worry, except that some heads should be sent rolling (casts a glance towards Ian “I didnt scratch Owais’ eye” Bell)!

As for WI, it’s was just heartening to hear about the victory. I still remember the days (roughly about 15 years ago) when a match against WI would be deemed ‘by default’ to be a victory for them. Their fall from grace has been hard to watch, and i sincerely hope that they keep going up! Nice to see a level playing field.

As for my predictions for this series, its 2-1 in favour of WI!


I was bristling when I was watching India collapse in both innings. I don’t think that I have ever seen such tight bowling by Sri Lanka in a test! Often, you’d see clever batsmen stonewalling Murali and smashing the bowler at the other end, but, finally Murali has got a great spin twin in Mendis. Like the cricinfo commentator said, “If Murali doesn’t get you, Mendis will”!

I’ve always maintained that Warne had a definite advantage with the presence of someone like McGrath because, with McGrath’s pinpoint accuracy and Warney’s magic, the batsmen had to give in sometime or the other. Finally, Murali has got someone to maintain the pressure at the other end. Hope to see some great performances by Sri Lanka in the future.

Comparisons are being made of this duo to the last best West Indian spinners, Sonny Ramadhin and Alf Valentine. Ramadhin was very well known for spinning the ball both ways (like Mendis does), and the fact that he always wore full sleeves made it difficult for the batsmen to read the ball off his hand. Valentine, according to one of his team-mates, ‘could even spin the ball on glass’ (similar stuff have been said of Murali)

Of course, it would be too late to write off the Indians. We could be in for a good series!