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No, no, silly!

Naved-ul-Hasan isn’t asking Warnie how to bowl legspinners!

However, something I noticed for the first time in the second ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka (couldn’t watch the first one on TV) was the fact that Naved-ul-Hasan has a shocking amount of hair!

I barely watched much of the ICL and, so, was shocked to see him with such a mane!

So I decided to go back to the cricinfo archives to see whether my eyes were playing tricks on me and here’s what I found.

The pic was taken on December 16, 2007.


You can’t fool me, Mr. Naved-ul-Hasan! Doing a Fidel Edwards doesn’t hide the fact that you were a baldie! 😛

So, could you be a nice boy and pass on some tips to Viru Sehwag so that he can get his hair back as well? And, while on the subject, be a darling and pass on some to Sanath as well!


Pictures courtesy of Cricinfo



Posted: February 3, 2009 in Sri Lanka
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It isn’t a very nice feeling to wake up and find the score @ 260/3 (that too after seeing it @ 19/2 before sleeping). It doesn’t help to see the over meter at only 34, as I had to walk all the way to my PC to see what happened!

SL is getting a sound thrashing, and I’m currently kicking myself in the rear for deciding yesterday not to go to the match! What an innings both Viru and Yuvraj seem to have played, and it would’ve been an absolute treat to watch them.

I might go to the 4th ODI. Should pray that they do the same on Friday, and that I get to see some ‘Sehwagology’! 😉

BTW, I’m planning to go to the T20, and I’ve got Internet configured on my fone, so I should be blogging live from the RPS on Friday and Tuesday! Make sure you come over to my blog! 🙂

Join Sehwagology!

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Well, Sehwag is finally getting the stamp of approval which is long overdue!

The blogging world has started to acknowledge his greatness, with Uncle JRod being the first to do so!



Sehwag makes a mockery of Strauss and Collingwood!

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

This is precisely what I love about Sehwag! He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what the pitch is like, what the bowling attack is like or how the other batsman played! He just goes there and smacks everything that’s dished out to him!

It really does make you wonder why Colly and Strauss took nearly 250 odd balls to make their 108s, while Sehwag creamed 83 off just 68 balls!

And the best part is what he says during the media conference after stumps: “It was my normal batting and I was not going after any particular player,” he said. “They were giving me width for the cut and I just played my shots.”!

And Dravid drags himself to 2 off 15 balls! Really, sometimes you have to send in someone like Laxman when India get such a good start, so that the momentum can be continued, rather than being spoiled by someone like Dravid.

Really, what put everything in perspective about Sehwag was a comment by Ganguly in the Wisden Cricketer. When asked about Sehwag, he said that the best way to understand him is to sit beside him when the other’s are out in the middle, batting.

Sourav said that, once, when Dravid was batting, he was sitting with Sehwag at the dressing-room balcony, and, when Dravid kept blocking balls, apparently he was shouting “Ah, he could’ve played a cut shot”, “He could’ve sent that over the slips”.

Amazing, isn’t it, how he sees a possible boundary opportunity with every ball!

Just for the record, he made his half-century off 32 balls, which is the second fastest by an Indian in a test match, only behind Kapil Dev’s 30-ball one!