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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in recent times, it’s the value of watching matches.

Yes, despite having cable and having the ability to watch every single int. or IPL/CLT20 match in the world (except for Zimbabwe ones), I don’t always watch them.

I generally prefer to just follow the commentary on Cricinfo.

However, I was privileged to watch the super over in the match between the Eagles and Sussex. I hadn’t watched a lot of the 40 overs, but I decided, Heck, the Super Over should be good and plonked myself in the chair.

CJ (Cornelius) deVilliers bowled 2 absolute peaches, balls (no pun intended) that would make McGrath bristle with pride that someone in this day and age is following his mantra of hitting the top of off-stump.

I mean, you really have to have a real sense of cool to actually bowl them consecutively in such a pressure situation.

The next example is Ross Taylor. Yes, we all know what an awesome batsman he is, but, from recent performances, you get the feeling that he’s literally married T20s.

I watched some of his innings during the IPL earlier this year and, my goodness, those swats to the leg side after walking outside of off-stump for sixes are just out-of-this-world!

Because of this, I decided to pick them both for my Cricinfo Fantasy Team and, so far, they’ve done me good, CJ giving me 580 points from the match against Sussex.

Well, other than that, there’s not much to say, except that it would be interesting to get some figures with regard to the ad revenue that is to be generated from the semis and the finals since the IPL teams aren’t in! 🙂

So long for now, hope to put in a post after the CL finals!

PS – What is it with Zimbos and that magical 194 mark, eh? First, it was Charles Coventry with 194* and, today, it’s Hamilton Masakadza with 184*! 😀