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Sorry for not posting in a long time, been preocuppied with a lot of matters, and finally found the time to start posting for the year! 🙂

Now, to the topic….


Finally, after such a long time, the ICC is doing something useful! After nearly 100 years of pointless existence, during which they have done nothing but given official approval to the fixtures played between nations.

Basically, here’s the rundown on what’s been happening. The ICC plan to hold their annual meeting in Australia, where Mugabe and his cronies, including Peter “I’m such a troublesome fuck” Chingoka are banned. The ICC president, David Morgan, has been lobbying the Aussie Foreign Ministries and all those guys to let Chingoka in.

However, now that I realise it, the ICC actually haven’t done anything at all!

Reason is, Chingoka still hasn’t submitted an application for a visa. He says that he wants a guarantee that his visa will be approved before he applies for a visa. So, in a nutshell, since this idiot hasn’t applied for a visa, no-one can really do anything!

Frankly, I’ve seen really heartless politicians here in SL, but the ones in Zimbabwe must top it all! To see the way they suffer (they actually eat out of garbage, just like what you’d expects dogs and cats to do) is just simply heartbreaking.

It becomes more painful to see when you know the fact that Zimbabwe was, once ago, one of the most prosperous economies in the continent!

Just hope that the ICC can do one useful thing and bar Zimbabwe from international cricket and stop funding till Mugabe is in power!

PS – Look at the bastard in the pic…looks like he was born to 2 orangutans!