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I only got to know of the “Ian Bell run-out incident” itself when I got onto the Cricinfo mobile site.

Yes, the incident is unfortunate and did bring back memories of a match in 2006, when Baz McCullum took off the bails when Murali completed his run and then went to congratulate his batting partner, Sangakkara, on having reached his century. He failed to notice that the ball hadn’t been returned back to Baz. Everyone appealed and it was given out and Fleming didn’t bother revoking his decision to appeal. That dismissal cost us a fair bit as Murali was providing good support to Sanga,who would’ve stretched our lead further to ensure that the Lankan bowlers had more to bowl to in the final innings of the match.

It was the same here, except that Bell had packed in his gloves to go have his hot cuppa tea.

However, this incident was worse because there was the clear egging by Morgan, who has always displayed himself as a very street-smart player, to get back to his crease, all of which went unheeded by Bell.

The umpires asked Dhoni whether he wanted to keep the appeal on, to which he replied in the affirmative.

However, what makes this whole “recalling Ian Bell” incident farficial is this.

Strauss and the coach, Andy Flower, had the nerve to go and ask Dhoni whether he wanted to keep the appeal as such.

Did they really have to be a pair of babies to go and ask Dhoni to return the toys which he stole from them?

Naturally, Dhoni wouldn’t have wanted to be cowered by the demand made by the two, so he said that he wanted to discuss it with the team. The booing by the crowds, as well as the possible negative opinions which may have been formed of him (as if bad publicity about the preparation for the tour wasn’t hard enough to handle), would’ve persuaded him to overturn his appeal.

Besides, how bad would it look if, despite a personal appeal, he didn’t revoke his decision? People might even go to the extent of misconstruing it as disrespect for the two Andys.

Therefore, enough with the praises from the ECB and the ICC about how “the spirit of cricket was upheld by the two teams”.

That’s rubbish!

There was much more at stake for both teams than the Spirit of Cricket (it eventually proved to be less for England as Bell added a further 22 runs before actually getting out), so they decided to revoke it. I don’t think no-one’s conscience felt the pinch!

So, get over it, everyone, and focus on the great batting display being provided by the Englishmen!


MS Dhoni : The archetypal limited overs batsman

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Before this tour, I really have never got the chance to watch matches at a stretch due to the interference that my educational ventures kept presenting. However, after 13 straight years “on the mill”, I’ve finally got a 2 month break, which happened to coincide with this tour.

Watching the innings MS Dhoni played in the 2nd ODI (which, sadly, was in a losing cause), it really did leave my mouth gaping for the best part of 3 hours (and let a family of flies breed in my plentiful stomach).

Firstly, his constant prodding at the ball, rather than hitting it, really makes Paul Collingwood look like VVS Laxman.

Come’on, you have to admit, his technique is so ugly that you might be well off donning a pair of shades when he’s batting in order to protect yourself from permanent eye damage (which could also result in you mocking VVS as disgusting).

However, that shouldn’t be an excuse to diss him as he still gets runs, and that’s all that matters. If I really need to give you an example of how even a bad technique isn’t so bad, look at Rohit Sharma. People purr when he bats, but does he perform?

If I’m not wrong, this horrendous technique infiltrated his mind ever since he was made captain. He decided to cut down on the slogs (which, IMO, looked much more pleasing) and decided to start prodding at the ball.

Add to this prodding, his ability to run lightning fast runs, and the end result is that he manages to push back the field.

It, honestly, is awe-striking to see the way he sets off as soon as he prods it. It really does put the fielding captain on the defensive, which just makes it easier for him to take singles.

Getting the stats from Cricinfo’s Statsguru, it’s worth noting that his numbers haven’t taken such a huge dent since he donned the captaincy (i.e. after he start his prodding).

When not as captain, he scored 2,477 runs in 75 innings @ an average of 44.23 and a SR of 96.26, with 206 boundaries and 71 sixes.

When he got the captaincy, he has scored 2,656 runs in 61 innings @ an average of 59.02 and a SR of 84.15, with 184 boundaries and 39 sixes.

He’s actually scored nearly 200 runs more in 14 less innings so far. You could say that the only notable dent in his figures is the number of sixes he’s hit. However, I’d be willing to exchange sixes with reliability, any time of the day!

I suppose his super-fast sprinting is down to the supposed 8 or 10 glasses of milk he allegedly drinks every day. Whatever it is, it’s working and I just wish that some of the SL batsmen could at least try to emulate him with regard to the running-between-wickets.

I’m not trying to pigeon-hole Dhoni as a limited-overs batsman, but I’m penning this post to emphasise exactly why Dhoni is the batsman every limited overs player should aspire to be.