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I don’t think I have to tell you too much about the incident, so check it out. The commentary sounds like someone speaking into a tin-can, but it’s the best video that I could find on YouTube.

Though Benn’s been charged with a Level 2 offense (possibly a 1 match ban), I think it’s grossly unfair.

You’ll notice that it was Haddin who unnecessarily started things. It was a collision between Johnson and Benn and even Benn wasn’t perturbed by it. However, Haddin decided to be a smart-ass about it.

Also, you’ll notice that Johnson’s the one who pushes Benn away. Since he initiated physical contact, I suppose that he’s the one who should be slapped with the Level 2 offence rather than Benn.

Haddin and Johnson have been slapped with a Level 1 offence, which is lower than a Level 2 one.

I’m not crying ‘racism’ here, but it just shows how stupid the ICC and their employees are.

To emphasise my point about their stupidity, look at their decision to have a World T20 cup just 11 months after the one in England? Any similarities?

Edit:Got a better quality video up, thanks to Sujan Rao, who posted it in the comments in one of the posts on BCC!.

Ricky shoving Bravo should have definitely copped a Level 1 fine, at the very least. Just saw it on the above video. He sure acted like a prat. On the other hand, Dwayne Bravo should’ve had a word with him, rather than just leaving it alone. I know, cricket’s supposed to be a gentleman’s game but, frankly, with Ponting, it really doesn’t look like it. 😦


….rat’s chance in hell of winning the Ashes!

Honestly, looking back to the SA tour to Australia, I thought that we might see a repeat of that series, but it now looks all bleak. Aussies are soaring sky high and don’t seem to have a limit (Mitch Johnson becomes an all-rounder, Hughes is super reliable, Sizzle gets better, the list is endless…), while England are going down, down and down! With KP deciding that he wants to have his wife for long tours, it just shows how unsatisfied he is with the whole dumping thing of him, and it really isn’t going to help as it’s a well-known fact that he is England’s ace card!

Regular readers of my blog would’ve noticed that I tended to have a hardline stance against Australia. All that was for a reason.

Now, I can do nothing but sit back and admire the Aussies!

I mean, this is the same team that we thought was disintegrating, and would have an extensive rebuilding period.

But, the rebuilding seems to be over!

Siddle sizzled, Johnson rocked, and McD and Hilfy supported the two extremely well.

Kato comes in with his lollipops and snares the lower order completely.

Truly amazing, I have to say. Kudos to Punter for a good job done. Looks like he’s enjoying having some youngsters out with him rather than a dad’s army, which he had for most of his captaincy career.

Let’s not forget Hughes, who first became the youngest Aussie test centurion in 43 years and then the youngest man to make twin hundreds in a match. The lad looks good, and he might be a long – term fixture. Perhaps it would be a good idea to slot him in the limited overs side with Haddin.

Meanwhile, the Saffers have rung in some changes with McKenzie and Morkel being given the boot. This could possibly be the end of McKenzie’s career @ 33, but not so for Morne, who’s just about 23. I feel it’s a bit too harsh on him considering that he had just 2 bad test. Anyhowz, that’s life.

In his place, the explosive centurion in the tour game, Imraan Khan, comes in, while Prince makes a return as captain in place of Smith. Wayne Parnell has also been brought in, so it will be a tussle between Albie Morkel and Parnell for Morne’s spot.

Quite funny for Prince, isn’t it? Couldn’t get a spot in the side, and now he’s the skipper!

Can the day get any better?

Marcus North, yet another player in the line of ‘middle-aged’ debutants of Australia, scores a ton on debut…

Mitchell Johnson is left stranded on 96 because Hilfy decided not to use his common sense and poked at a ball which would’ve harmlessly went away…

Graeme Smith, the ‘Warrior of Sydney’, goes for a blob…

Neil McKenzie, the person on the end of a lot of flak, stays firm amidst the chaos….

Edwards bowls his heart out, including some beauties to Ravi, but doesn’t get aptly rewarded….

What better advertisement for test cricket than the 27th of February, 2009?