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Ok, I didn’t really watch the whole of the CWC 2007 final.

Two reasons…

One was that I was feeling really sleepy and dosed off in between..

Secondly, LTTE decided to play some tricks with us and did some aerial bombing..

However, yesterday’s final was at a better hour so I was awake for the whole final, but the team selection just made my heart sink once again.

I knew that if at least the three of Dilshan, Sanath, Mahela and Sanga fell early, we would be in a deep hole as the ‘rest’ of the batting order included 2 guys who are truly good-for-nothing.

Mubarak and Silva are so stupid and lame that they can’t contribute with either bat or ball.

I would’ve preferred Thushara and Maharoof (if not deSaram) in place of these two as, even though these guys aren’t the best of batters, they can at least contribute well with the ball.

As things often happen in team selection in SL, Sanga decided to keep his good ‘machangs’ (friends) in the team and threw our chances of winning a world event into the toilet.

Sanga played a very heroic innings but, truth be told, other than the big-hearted Angelo Mathews, who has won the heart of a nation with absolutely stunning fielding (remember that saved six?), bowling (3 wickets in the first over in the semi) and batting (yesterday), none of the other assigned batters really did much of note.

Isuru, who some people say is a decent batsman, was picked mainly as a bowler and so I shall not condemn him.

However, you had to admit, the turn and the swing that the women got was mainly because their spinners really flighted the ball (which would be smacked out of the ground had it been a men’s game) and bowled it at medium pace, at the most.

The pitch was a good batting track, as was seen by the way the Pakistanis played, but all credit has to be given to Afridi, Akmal and Malik for keeping a really cool head throughout the chase.

Frankly, like Ryan said on, our selectors are to blame for not giving boys like Udawatte or Malinda a prolonged chance. I just get the feeling that, had these 2 been selected instead of the idiots Silva and Mubarak, we would’ve put up a better batting performance throughout the tournament.

However, we shouldn’t feel alone as the WI selectors are trying to beat the ‘muppets headed by a joker’ (priceless from Marvan) by dropping Lendl Simmons for the 4-ODI tourney against India. Simmons was clearly the best batsman other than Gayle in the WC, and to drop him really speaks volume about how much they are ‘ahead’ in the race!