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There are days when I wake up, lie in bed and think “What a waste my life has been so far…I’ve done nothing that is worth bragging, just reading cricket news all the time and doing a lame job”…

There are other days when I wake up, lie in the bed and think “How much the cricket world wastes talent and money….”

The second thought comes about due to 2 reasons.

1. I recently learned that the Aussie Cricket Board employed the help of the Boston Consultancy Group (a fairly big company), who then came up with the idea of the World Test Championship, whereby the teams play each other during a course of 3-4 years.

What utter stupidity! I’m not sure whether’s its in this blog or in some forums, but I’ve always advocated the idea of the Test Championship for nearly 2 years since it will ensure that there will be an interest in matches played between, say New Zealand vs England for a South African, since the result might affect his team.

They could’ve just got the idea from me. All I would’ve asked is to give me credit, and wouldn’t have charged a cent!

2. I was quite shocked by some of the stupid things Mike Proctor has done. Keeping JP in the side was a big big mistake! By doing this, they’re effectively sending a message that “we don’t care if you lost your place because you got injured, that’s your fault”. It might even lead to a possible situation where players might fake full fitness in the fear of losing their place.

Secondly, which stupid decides to give the captaincy to a guy whose coming back into the team and who is going to bat in an unfamiliar position? They could’ve just given it to Boucher or Kallis at the first instance rather than giving it to Prince and then to Kallis. It really does smack of utter stupidity!

Really, I just wish administrators would grow up. Heck, I though that my future path would be to work in the financial industry and blogging about cricket, but, looking at how pathetic administrators are, I suppose that I could fancy becoming one myself (subject to whether I have the right contacts!).