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All these days, I’ve been watching closing ceremonies which have been fairly underwhelming, but are quite efficient…

However, the IPL closing ceremony is just a great example of the fact that you could just lock up your brains in India and plan the closing ceremony!

How else could you explain the camera shooting, which was horrible, to say the least? The people who were switching camera angles must have been suffering fits! The idiot was changing angles every 2 seconds and it got so annoying to an extent that my cousin had to shout at me to stop mumbling about it!

Another bone of contention was the performance by Akon.

Now don’t get me wrong, Akon’s songs are great (though I haven’t got the opportunity to listen to most of them), and I have no grudge against him, but how do you explain the fact that the song “Smack that” blaring on the speakers but Akon was just strolling on the stage?

Lip-syncing is perfectly OK, but the guy should know that he should be lip-syncing!

The whole “Bollywood-SA”, or whatever that nonsense was called, was also a big farce. Frankly, I always looked forward to the strategic break so that I could see some nice-looking girls, but to actually make it out to be like some Miss World contest is just plain stupid!

To cap off this post, I would like to make special mention of Lalit ‘Monkey’ Modi! (no, no, not in the racial sense, don’t haul me before a court as I only have $5 to pay as legal fees!).

The IPL, as far as my understanding is concerned, is a sporting event. Since when it became a personal gratification even for Monkey is unfathomable.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is an excerpt of what he said that day..

..I’d like to thank my wife and my children, x, y and z for their immense support…

Can you imagine what Mrs. Monkey would’ve said when he said that he was shifting out of India?

Darling, why don’t you shift the IPL to South Africa? I’ve already been to England, and I think SA would be a great place for shopping…

The children would’ve said something along these lines…

…Daddy, I like Mr. Nel because he makes monkey faces like you, please move the IPL to SA so that I can meet him…

Poor little chap, unaware that Nel is doing his circus tricks in London…


Quite surprised to see the Bangalore cheerleaders getting their bums to do the talking when Praveen Kumar gets out….aren’t they supposed to be sad?

PS – Dravid has just creamed a six off Munaf…amazing..

And an amazing catch by the skip Warney to dismiss Dravid…jumped at full stretch…quite amazing for a 39 year old who claims to not have touched the ball since the last IPL…looks like he’s foxing us with that claim yet again! 😀

….looks a bit jerky to me.

Maybe it’s just me, but I just get a bad feeling that he seems to have the arm bent till at least a second or so before the release of the ball..

I just hope he doesn’t get called for throwing because it’ll be shattering for the young lad.

However, I don’t think it will happen because I don’t think King Warne would’ve let him bowl if he felt he had a jerky action…it’s well known that he really isn’t convinced about Murali’s action.

However, I was feeling mixed when I saw Kamran sliding to the ground in his run-up..the nerves really seemed to be jangling…but he recovered and bowled extremely well in his first over..



I can’t fuckin’ believe it!

I never thought the day would come!

Pakistan is not co-hosting the WC 2011…

Did it have to take the ICC so long?

Thank God for that, or else we would’ve had half the teams not going to Pakistan, which would’ve ruined what promises to be a miserable tournament, with or without Pakistan.

As for the I(SA)PL, Modi has brought in a 7.5 minute time-out in between matches so that players can discuss tactics. It is to be taken after the first 10 overs of an innings….

Whatever I may say about Modi, I have to say, he is quite clever…getting $2 million in ad revenue for each time-out is just plain clever.

He has also ordered broadcasters to get in 2000 seconds of advertisments during the match.

Now this is quite impractical, according to the broadcasters, who say that, in theory, they would have to have an ad-break of 40 seconds between overs and 1 minute between wickets. This is considering that each innings will last 20 overs and the team will lose 10 wickets. If not…..

In order to implement all this, Modi has brought in a new set of fines..
– 1st offense carries a $20k fine for the captain
– 2nd offense carries a $20k fine for each member of the team
– 3rd offense carries a team fine of $360k and skip is banned for 1 match..

Well, it’s for you to decide whether Modi is being clever or if we are going to watch only 4-ball overs on TV…