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There are days when I wake up, lie in bed and think “What a waste my life has been so far…I’ve done nothing that is worth bragging, just reading cricket news all the time and doing a lame job”…

There are other days when I wake up, lie in the bed and think “How much the cricket world wastes talent and money….”

The second thought comes about due to 2 reasons.

1. I recently learned that the Aussie Cricket Board employed the help of the Boston Consultancy Group (a fairly big company), who then came up with the idea of the World Test Championship, whereby the teams play each other during a course of 3-4 years.

What utter stupidity! I’m not sure whether’s its in this blog or in some forums, but I’ve always advocated the idea of the Test Championship for nearly 2 years since it will ensure that there will be an interest in matches played between, say New Zealand vs England for a South African, since the result might affect his team.

They could’ve just got the idea from me. All I would’ve asked is to give me credit, and wouldn’t have charged a cent!

2. I was quite shocked by some of the stupid things Mike Proctor has done. Keeping JP in the side was a big big mistake! By doing this, they’re effectively sending a message that “we don’t care if you lost your place because you got injured, that’s your fault”. It might even lead to a possible situation where players might fake full fitness in the fear of losing their place.

Secondly, which stupid decides to give the captaincy to a guy whose coming back into the team and who is going to bat in an unfamiliar position? They could’ve just given it to Boucher or Kallis at the first instance rather than giving it to Prince and then to Kallis. It really does smack of utter stupidity!

Really, I just wish administrators would grow up. Heck, I though that my future path would be to work in the financial industry and blogging about cricket, but, looking at how pathetic administrators are, I suppose that I could fancy becoming one myself (subject to whether I have the right contacts!).


Dave Warner scores a contract….

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
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…with CA after he gets a contract from the Delhi Daredevils! How crazy is that?

PS – The contract runs till the end of June this year.

Oh dear oh dear…….

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It just seems that nothing is going right for Australia.

First, Brad Haddin commits a ‘foul’ by knocking off the stumps and claiming a bowled decision from the ump! Now, this is just plain tom-foolery! How low can you go to win?

I don’t know how many of you remember, but a similar incident happened here in SL in 2004. The test match seemed to be drifting away from the Aussies, and Hashan Tillekaratne was at the striker’s end. He plays the ball away and doesn’t take a run. However, about 15 seconds after he’s made the shot, Justin Langer (of all people) walks by the stumps, knocks the bails off, and everyone jumps up in an appeal for ‘bowled’. It goes to the 3rd ump, and given ‘not out’.

I mean, how blatant can it get? OK, everyone cheats once in a while by not walking, or for appealing for balls bouncing outside leg, but, come on, aren’t you going a bit over the line by doing such crappy stuff?

However, Brad considers himself ‘not guilty’! Typical Aussie style, looks like they can’t get to grips with the fact that they’re not ‘world-beaters’ anymore!

Ponting then brings a bombshell by announcing that he’s resting for the next 2 ODIs.

Now that’s just poor timing. The team is in bad shape, having lost 5 of the last 6 ODIs, and to desert them is just criminal! Of course, you can’t blame Ponting, he may have protested, but the brains of the CA honchos seems to be disintegrating! Looks like someone has to give Andrew Hilditch the boot before the Aussies go into a rut!

The Curious Case of Andrew Symonds

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Man, I think someone in the CA seriously doesn’t like Symonds.

I mean, come on! OK, it was not entirely correct to call McCullum a ‘lump of shit’, whatever opinion he may have had of him, but, come on, it was just a light-hearted radio program! Besides, it’s not like McC is a descendant of the ‘Shit’ family that he felt offended or anything!

Seriously, the max I would have done if I was in charge of the CA (as a totally impartial person) was to just call him in private without publicising it, and tell him to be a bit more polite.

This is just my opinion, but I get the bad feeling that they’re really going WAAAAAYYYYY over the top with what he did! I mean, a possible fine of USD 5750? Man, that’s a fortune! And a possibility that he may have to sit-out the tour to South Africa?

OK, he might not be in the best of form, but, come on, if you don’t want him, just drop him rather than just plain embarrassing him!

PEOPLE! He hasn’t murdered McCullum FYI! He’s just made an honest comment! He’s a human being too!

I’m telling you, there’s definitely a conspiracy going on against Symmo! I’m not trying to act stupid, but it’s true if you think about it. There’s definitely some shit going on against Symmo (Oh man, I just said the ‘s’ word! Is blogger gonna fine me the couple of cents that I’ve got from AdSense?).