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I don’t think I have to tell you too much about the incident, so check it out. The commentary sounds like someone speaking into a tin-can, but it’s the best video that I could find on YouTube.

Though Benn’s been charged with a Level 2 offense (possibly a 1 match ban), I think it’s grossly unfair.

You’ll notice that it was Haddin who unnecessarily started things. It was a collision between Johnson and Benn and even Benn wasn’t perturbed by it. However, Haddin decided to be a smart-ass about it.

Also, you’ll notice that Johnson’s the one who pushes Benn away. Since he initiated physical contact, I suppose that he’s the one who should be slapped with the Level 2 offence rather than Benn.

Haddin and Johnson have been slapped with a Level 1 offence, which is lower than a Level 2 one.

I’m not crying ‘racism’ here, but it just shows how stupid the ICC and their employees are.

To emphasise my point about their stupidity, look at their decision to have a World T20 cup just 11 months after the one in England? Any similarities?

Edit:Got a better quality video up, thanks to Sujan Rao, who posted it in the comments in one of the posts on BCC!.

Ricky shoving Bravo should have definitely copped a Level 1 fine, at the very least. Just saw it on the above video. He sure acted like a prat. On the other hand, Dwayne Bravo should’ve had a word with him, rather than just leaving it alone. I know, cricket’s supposed to be a gentleman’s game but, frankly, with Ponting, it really doesn’t look like it. 😦


Can’t get better than this, can it?

Punter comes out and claims that Dan Vettori has sent an SMS to Haddin apologising for calling him a ‘cheat’.

Dan (and the whole of the NZ team, don’t know why) denies that he ever sent a text to Haddin as such.

So who’s lying?

I’ve always known that there’s been some ANZAC rivalry. I just thought that it was just a bunch of hyped-up crap by the Kiwis, but looks like there’s some meaning to all that hype.

Can Ponting do any worse?

BTW, I’m gonna have a new tag, ‘Bowled Haddin’! It’ll be detailing the progress of yet another off-field drama in cricket, so, in case you’ve missed out on anything, just click on the tag.

Oh dear oh dear…….

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It just seems that nothing is going right for Australia.

First, Brad Haddin commits a ‘foul’ by knocking off the stumps and claiming a bowled decision from the ump! Now, this is just plain tom-foolery! How low can you go to win?

I don’t know how many of you remember, but a similar incident happened here in SL in 2004. The test match seemed to be drifting away from the Aussies, and Hashan Tillekaratne was at the striker’s end. He plays the ball away and doesn’t take a run. However, about 15 seconds after he’s made the shot, Justin Langer (of all people) walks by the stumps, knocks the bails off, and everyone jumps up in an appeal for ‘bowled’. It goes to the 3rd ump, and given ‘not out’.

I mean, how blatant can it get? OK, everyone cheats once in a while by not walking, or for appealing for balls bouncing outside leg, but, come on, aren’t you going a bit over the line by doing such crappy stuff?

However, Brad considers himself ‘not guilty’! Typical Aussie style, looks like they can’t get to grips with the fact that they’re not ‘world-beaters’ anymore!

Ponting then brings a bombshell by announcing that he’s resting for the next 2 ODIs.

Now that’s just poor timing. The team is in bad shape, having lost 5 of the last 6 ODIs, and to desert them is just criminal! Of course, you can’t blame Ponting, he may have protested, but the brains of the CA honchos seems to be disintegrating! Looks like someone has to give Andrew Hilditch the boot before the Aussies go into a rut!