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Was having a conversation on Twitter with Achettup of ‘Short of a Length‘ fame and the talk turned to Anil Kumble aka Jumbo and his maiden century.

I can still recall those moments when he neared to and got his century. I was rooting for England (actually, to be more precise, against India) for some reason which I can’t remember.

However, when Jumbo’s chance came to get a century, I couldn’t help but praying that he get his century, even if it meant that England couldn’t draw the series.

The lack of availability of cable forced me to turn to Test Match Special commentary from BBC to follow the match. I was praying, praying and, finally, when he got his century via a thin edge through Matt Prior’s legs, I literally jumped from my chair and was punching my fists in the air. It was more like I was getting my maiden century rather than him (who could grudge me this chance, considering how bad I am at even playing out an over).

Researching more about him, I came across an instance of him bowling in Sabina Park, Jamaica, even after he had his jaw strapped due to getting it broken! Now that’s what you call spirit!

Now, I have to make a confession here. I’m such a soppy romantic. Regular readers of this blog will remember my call for Ramprakash to be included in the last Ashes test last year! Regardless of the improbability of it happening, I still wanted to see him there!

Seeing Kumble bowl with a lot of heart and guile and taking Bangalore to the finals of the IPL last year was just plain – heartwarming!

Achettup gave me a link to that magical moment, so check it out here!