50p challenge – Swanny & Murali

Posted: July 5, 2011 in england, Sri Lanka
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I have an admission to make which will keep the marketers away…

I normally don’t post the nonsense which people usually ask me to do so on my “esteemed” blog via e-mail. Just hit the delete button and move on with life.

However, this video, which was sent by a James Fick from Rubicon, the official drinks sponsor of the English T20 competition, was too good not to post (no, I wasn’t given a free case of drinks for plugging Rubicon!)

It involves Murali and Swann being given a challenge, whereby a drinking glass is placed on a stump and a 50p coin placed on the edge of the glass. Whoever manages to knock the 50p coin without touching the stumps or the glass wins.

  1. livescore says:

    He was legend in Sri Lankan cricket team and no doubt that he was the greatest spinner of the world and he played very well in his cricket era but i think he should prepare his back-up player for Sri Lankan cricket team.


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