Alan Tyers – The Greatest Cricket Satirist!

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alan Tyers, IMO, hasn’t been getting a lot of appreciation for his absolutely gut – rippingly funny posts on the Wisden Cricketer and Cricinfo. Heck, he has less followers than ME on his Twitter page.

When you have less followers than a lame-ass blogger in Sri Lanka, then you really are underappreciated!

Therefore, as a mark of support, I’ve created a Facebook page for him!

Please spread the word, y’all!

  1. Sidney Shore says:

    Tyers is brilliant – cricket blogs should be about the observations and the nuances – not the scorecard

    Add me to your roll!

    you’re on mine!

  2. cecimasters says:

    Blissful blissful stuff by Tyers – his insights into the English team’s collective psyche absolutely fab. Rushing off to join the group NOW


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