Punter & Bracken not playing in this year’s IPL!

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Quite surprising, I have to say.

Lalit Modi’s tweets have been interesting to read and this tweet says that their contracts have been bought out by Kolkata and Bangalore respectively.

What it means, effectively, is that both of them have got paid the amount of their contract for this year but have been asked to stay away.

IPL teams can only have 10 foreign players in their squad at any particular time. It was recently reported that there were threats of violence against Australian players if they came to Mumbai because of the killings of Indian students in Australia.

There would’ve been a good chance that these 2 may not play in the IPL. However, none of the Australian players have withdrawn from this year’s IPL yet, perhaps waiting for advice from the Australian Cricketers Association. This could possibly mean that, by the time they do notify their teams about their withdrawal, it might be too late.

Apparently Mohammad Kaif’s contract has been bought out by Rajasthan, so he becomes the only Indian in the auction tomorrow!



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