I ain’t gonna comment on the SCG test….

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Pakistan

because Pakistan should never have batted in the 2nd innings and should’ve won by an innings

because Pakistan collapsed from 2/204 to 333 all out, when they should’ve made at least 450

because Kamran Akmal continues to be bad at wicketkeeping

because MoYo (and Younis Khan and Shoaib Malik) thinks that it is fine to have a batsman who can keep a bit for tests rather than a keeper who can bat a bit

because MoYo thinks that Kamran’s 448 runs in his last 9 tests are more than the value of the catches that he has dropped

because MoYo had 8 men on the boundary for Peter Siddle, who is described by Brad Haddin as ‘having no shots’

because all the Pakistani batsmen thought that the 4th day of the match was the 5th day

because MoYo couldn’t pay a bit of respect to Nathan Hauritz

because none of the Pakistani bowlers said “Fuck you and your fuckin’ fields, MoYo, you can fuck yourself, I’m gonna’ set my own fields” on the 4th day

  1. Lou says:

    I thought Asif was coming close to the last one, but it was all a bit late.

    Kamran Akmal should never be allowed to keep at international level, but I am sure they will pick at some point and let him break the bowlers’ hearts behind the pegs again.

    • Didn’t really watch most of that 4th day. Turned on the TV as soon as I woke up, saw everyone on the boundary to Peter fuckin’ Siddle and decided, why the fuck should I waste my time on this! 😡

      As for Kamran, except for Mahela Jayawardena, no other damn international captain has ever realized the value of having a clean keeper, especially for Tests! 😦


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