David Morgan was born in Delhi!

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alright, I was just kidding there, but David Morgan’s statement that “The World Cup would be the poorer without matches being hosted in New Delhi” just touches my heart so deeply.

It’s the most kind act I’ve seen or heard since Andrew Flintoff memorably consoled Brett Lee after Australia fell short by 2 runs in the Edgbaston test of the Ashes 2005.

On a serious note, the statement clearly reeks of BCCI arm-twisting.

I mean, seriously, what is so special about Delhi?

I’ve nothing against the people of Delhi but, really, if it was, say, Eden Gardens, I can perfectly understand the sentiments since Eden Gardens can hold, if I’m not mistaken, 80,000 odd people.

However, a thought just crossed my head…

Is David Morgan actually campaigning for the “prevention of cruelty to bowlers” by wanting to have Delhi on the roster?

Because, TBH, I actually enjoyed seeing the batsmen hop about that day. It was nice to see the bowlers enjoying bowling rather than drag their feet to the top of their mark.

If that’s the case, then here’s my opinion on this statement

wOOt David Morgan!

  1. Homer says:

    How does it reek of BCCI arm twisting? The BCCI has yet to reply to the ICC show cause notice about the state of the pitch. From all reports I have read, the BCCI is not going to plead against the ruling, only justify why the pitch should be deemed poor and not unfit.

    if David Morgan speaks out of turn before the due process is followed, it is he who should be censured and not the BCCI.. Maybe this is a clever way of deflecting any blame from the ICC and putting the BCCI squarely in the cross hairs. After all, all he did was open his gob and we have a post on “BCCI arm-twisting.”.


    • Oh come on, Homer, don’t tell me that you really think that Morgan sincerely loves Delhi? I’m pretty darned sure that he’s never even set foot in Delhi, let alone the Kotla. Considering that he doesn’t have a cricketing background, I really can’t see any possible reason as to the sudden overflow of love for Delhi.

      And, no, I ain’t trying to deflect any blame from the ICC for the whole fiasco. In fact, it is the ICC who should take the full blame for the whole incident. I’m not trying to say that it was a bad pitch at all, but the fact is, if they feel it’s unsafe for the players to play on, then the match referee, who’s an ICC employee, should’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that the match wasn’t started at all…

      However, I’m well and truly growing sick of seeing the BCCI making the ICC their puppet…it’s almost like how the G8 countries have made the UN their own puppet…

      • Homer says:


        First and foremost, what is David Morgan’s locus standi in the whole issue? The Match Referee made his report, the BCCI has to answer the same in 14 days, there is a process in place, there are people appointed to oversee and implement the process. Why is David Morgan pre-supposing what the ICC’s action should be? As the President of the ICC, isnt he prejudicing the whole process and the outcome?

        As far as the BCCI goes, if they were bent on getting it their way, why would they bother with the Match Referee’s report? People from within the BCCI have been damning about the Kotla wicket, so why pre suppose that they have in any way arm twisted the ICC?

        It seems more and more like the BCCI has been wronged than doing the wronging…


  2. Actually, I don’t think he’s actually prejudicing the process. If you look at it in a formal way, yes, he is prejudicing the process. However, his statement seem more like something gleaned from a gaze at the crystal ball rather than his own opinion.

    Match Ref’s report is protocol, can’t skip it and, besides, don’t you think it would be a bit brash for the BCCI’s own standards to just say “Fuck y’all, the Kotla’s here to stay”? Let’s reserve that for Mr. Modi.

  3. Homer says:

    Since we both agree that by saying what he did, David Morgan was prejudicing an established ICC process, how does the BCCI become the bad guy in all of this?

    And Mr Modi is a part of the BCCI establishment.. Just because he does not rate journalists, especially from the self purported “Home of Cricket” does not make him what they want him to be.. I mean, if he was as brazen as he is made out to be, it would be a minor miracle the BCCI is even existing as an institution and the IPL is such a success.


  4. BCCI becomes the bad guy because Morgan’s just giving the vibes to the media so that we won’t be like “Hey, what the hell just happened there? Wasn’t this supposed to be an unfit pitch?”

  5. Homer says:

    Was it an unfit pitch? And by unfit, we are talking the ICC’s definition of an unfit pitch. Also, Morgan is the ICC President. Neither the BCCI President nor its other office bearers have made any statement presupposing the ICC process.

    But since you are convinced that every problem in the world finds its roots with the BCCI, any further argument is futile.


  6. According to the ICC, yes, it was unfit! And, Homer, won’t you consider the possibility of anything happening behind the scenes?

  7. Homer says:

    If the Kotla wicket was unfit, why not outright ban it? Why the dog and pony show?

    And I am ready to consider the possibility of behind the scenes happenings, but why wont you consider malice in David Morgan’s statements? Like the BCCI, he has previous.


  8. The inability to outright ban it is clearly because the BCCI doesn’t want it to be banned!

    What could be the motivation for any sort of malice?

  9. Mahek says:

    Has anybody thought of the possibility that Morgan said this because Delhi is the national capital and a huge market in every sense? People seem to think it’s all about cricket and forget the business aspect of such mega events. Can you imagine the FIFA World Cup being held in England with London not getting any games? It seems fashionable to hold the BCCI responsible for everything that happens in the world of cricket.

  10. Mahek, I don’t think the ICC has anything to gain by buttering Delhi!

  11. Mahek says:

    Then you should think again.

  12. raj says:

    Mahek and homer, bcci stooges! If you aren’t against bcci, you aren’t with cricket. Better accept it else you are maliciousw, got it?
    Bcci is also the chief offender causing global warming. If you aren’t with this statement, you are against the good of cricket

  13. Homer says:

    Just wondering what you stance is, now that the Kotla has been banned for 12 months. For mine, the BCCI seriously knows how to twist arms and David Morgan deserves sainthood.


    • Well, looks like someone’s bookmarked this post! 😉

      I humbly accept defeat, Homer. I will be less of a bigot from now on and will shed away my bigoted views.

      Hopefully the BCCI will assist in that! 😀

      • Homer says:


        I did not know this was a contest :)… And no, I did not bookmark the post but given the robustness of the arguments back and forth, was compelled to revisit it.

        There is no accusation of bigotry either – we are all perfectly entitled to our opinions ( and God knows I have been more wrong than right most of the time). My only request is that go easy on the trigger.. Remember that there are three sides to every story .

        Cheers 🙂

  14. Actually, there was bigotry as I did accuse the BCCI based on past facts rather than the ground reality….

    By the third side of a story, you mean ‘behind the scenes’? Because, as far as I know, there is generally a yes and a no ! 😛

  15. Homer says:

    You forgot the maybe 🙂



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