A chip off the old Broad block

Posted: January 6, 2010 in south africa
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Flower-"Barbie, did you intentionally step on the ball?" Broad-"No, Eastwood sir....I mean, Flower sir"!

Well, well, do we have something on our hands?

The South Africans have unofficially complained against Stuart Broad, saying that he’s purposely applied pressure on the ball with the studs on his boots.

It does sound like something trivial but when you consider the fact that England had a long and hard day yesterday for just 2 wickets, there is good reason for Broad to try out something like that. A bit of damage to the ball can do wonders as far as reversing the ball is concerned.

Watching the video of Andy Flower at the press-conference, his tough expression is Clint Eastwood-esque! The only thing lacking is that snarl which Eastwood generally gives when he doesn’t like something.

As expected, Flower was supporting Broad all-out, saying that he hadn’t heard of it before the press conference. This guy’s tough, I tell ya!

Anywayz, it’ll now be interesting to see what the match ref, Roshan Mahanama, says about this.

Sunny Gavaskar‘s article on Stuey getting preferential treatment due to his dad being a match ref is not one to be taken lightly.

Yes, Sunny is given to hyperbole at time and can get extremely emotional when it comes to talking about Westerners, but he’s got a point here.

I suppose if it was, say, Billy Bowden‘s son, I don’t think match refs would’ve really hesitated to take action against Bowden Jr.

However, knowing Chris Broad and his antics as a player, I can suppose that he’d do something along the same lines if one of the match refs did anything to Barbie.

Anywayz, Pakistan seem to be coasting to victory now. My heart is finally at ease after the quick wickets of Sizzle and Bolly, so I’m off for now.

C y’all later in the day!

  1. Leela says:

    Sunny has sure got a point.
    Let’s see how this new issue pans out.


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