Stupidity of ICC (and Haddin) at its best!

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Australia, West Indies
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I don’t think I have to tell you too much about the incident, so check it out. The commentary sounds like someone speaking into a tin-can, but it’s the best video that I could find on YouTube.

Though Benn’s been charged with a Level 2 offense (possibly a 1 match ban), I think it’s grossly unfair.

You’ll notice that it was Haddin who unnecessarily started things. It was a collision between Johnson and Benn and even Benn wasn’t perturbed by it. However, Haddin decided to be a smart-ass about it.

Also, you’ll notice that Johnson’s the one who pushes Benn away. Since he initiated physical contact, I suppose that he’s the one who should be slapped with the Level 2 offence rather than Benn.

Haddin and Johnson have been slapped with a Level 1 offence, which is lower than a Level 2 one.

I’m not crying ‘racism’ here, but it just shows how stupid the ICC and their employees are.

To emphasise my point about their stupidity, look at their decision to have a World T20 cup just 11 months after the one in England? Any similarities?

Edit:Got a better quality video up, thanks to Sujan Rao, who posted it in the comments in one of the posts on BCC!.

Ricky shoving Bravo should have definitely copped a Level 1 fine, at the very least. Just saw it on the above video. He sure acted like a prat. On the other hand, Dwayne Bravo should’ve had a word with him, rather than just leaving it alone. I know, cricket’s supposed to be a gentleman’s game but, frankly, with Ponting, it really doesn’t look like it. 😦

  1. Vim says:

    I think they probably all should have had the same offence, but Benn can be a real drama queen and in that incidence he was giving it all the glaring and that crap. I don't see, what you obviously do, that Johnson was worse than Benn in this exchange.But I would be happy to see Haddin cop a ban one day for something, I am an Oz fan but he does our team no favours at all. Always giving it to someone in one way or another. He's an unpleasant stirrer like Healy was.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    Vim,IMO, glaring is perfectly fine, though it can be annoying for us, as spectators. I read once that the WI bowlers of old (the Holdings, the Garners and the Marshalls) used to just glare rather than talk! 😀I don't see, what you obviously do, that Johnson was worse than Benn in this exchange.I made that statement in the context of the fines. Yes, Benn was going a bit overboard with the glaring (not helped by Haddin being an obnoxious prick), but the fact that Benn copped a higher fine was kinda uncalled for. As far as my knowledge goes, the ICC don't hand out bans for staring and attempting to run-out the batsman.Therefore, since Benn didn't engage in any pushing and shoving until being instigated by Johnson, I just feel that Johnson should be the one copping a bigger fine than Benn.

  3. Vim says:

    To do Benn justice, I don't think he is a bigger idiot than Johnson.However, he did try to rugby tackle Johnson earlier which probably 'fed' into the whole incident.It just doesn't surprise me that Haddin is involved any crap that is going down.

  4. Vim says:

    I've just watched the whole thing again. What a bunch of bloody children.I wish Johnson and Haddin had got the same fine as Benn. Broad is wrong there. But then he has form.

  5. Cricket Tragic says:

    Vim, just got a better quality video up, have a look at it…

  6. Purna says:

    I love this video.Haddin started it. Poor guy isn't getting enough credit for his behind the wicket chirpings. Needed some validation.

  7. Cricket Tragic says:

    Hmmm….Bradley is too concerned about the world at large….poor boy….his momma will be so proud! 😀


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