Vaughan stirs up needless controversy

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

With Christmas nearly upon us, it is the time of year during which retired sportsmen and women release their ‘controversial’ autobiographies in a blaze of publicity and startling revelations (full details in the book of course).

Andre Agassi has already enlightened us about his, er, recreational habits in the 90s whilst in the cricketing world, former England captain Michael Vaughan has been speaking out.

No, he hasn’t been taking crystal meth, but he has revealed that England’s new batting hero, Jonathan Trott, celebrated with the South African players after their test series victory over England last summer.

In an extract from his book Vaughan said:

“It was a sad day for English cricket that on my last day against South Africa I saw Jonathan Trott celebrating with South Africa, when the week before he had been our 12th man at Headingley. I was going into the press conference and I saw him patting them on the back. It hit home what English cricket has become.”

Hardly the secret drug shame expose of other autobiographies but a criticism of English cricket nonetheless. However, on this occasion I think Vaughan is turning a molehill into a mountain in a bid to drum up publicity.

After all, Trott waited seven years to gain English citizenship and can hardly be accused of not performing in his one test so far (he hit a century in case you had your head in the sand last summer!) He was, however, born and raised in South Africa, playing for them at Under-15 and Under-19 level before qualifying for England.

I imagine, being South African by birth, he knew many of the Proteas players and was hardly going to blank them after their win.

If Vaughan and other members of the England cricket team have any issues with players such as Trott or their current No1 batsman Kevin Pietersen playing for England then don’t pick them!

England should embrace talented players who want to play for their country instead of making lazy xenophobic accusations. This sort of situation is hardly new – Alan Lamb, Graham Hick, even captain Andrew Strauss to name a few were born away from England’s shores.

When England upset the Ashes cricket odds earlier this year, nobody cared where the players were born; it was the shirt that they were wearing that mattered. And that’s what should still matter.

Vaughan may even agree with me, but that wouldn’t sell books would it?

  1. achettup says:

    Good article. I wonder if its part of the strategy to inform the player who's been targeted or to wait for a reaction that will drive even more publicity.P.S: Didn't realize I hadn't blogrolled you, will do now. 🙂

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    Ah, Thomas, was gonna write a post on it but u beat me to it!Vaughany's bein' a prick! Who cares if he celebrates with them? Comeon, there are plenty of Indian expats in England and Australia, do you expect them to support India or their country of citizenship?I did admire Vaughan, but he's slowly starting to lose my respect!


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