ICC leaves more questions than answers….

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Here is an interview with James Fitzgerald on various issues related to doping and the WADA ‘Whereabouts’ clause. It was collected by RajaB of BCC!, so all credit goes to him.

What is interesting about this interview (seems more like a chat) is that Fitzgerald, part of the Media & Communications wing of the ICC, doesn’t seem to want to actually provide proper answers, rather, just one-liners. He seems very reluctant to comment on a variety of issues, such as whether Mohammad Asif’s entry to UAE for the ODI series against NZ will be guaranteed by the ICC, or as to whether they are going to form their own anti-doping body.

Most of those answers seems diplomatically hostile, which really doesn’t help anything. I just hope that they’d be more open and just answer the damn questions than just mumbling some gibberish which no-one can translate!

  1. Naked Cricket says:

    Hi CT, the BCC! link's not working. cheers.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    NC, thanks for that. Link rectified! 🙂


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