A day at the SSC!

Posted: September 2, 2009 in new zealand, Sri Lanka
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Yes, it’s been nearly 4 days since these pics were taken, but wanted to post them for the sake of doing so! πŸ™‚

Didn’t even know you were here, Grant Elliot!

Thilan Samaraweera and Chamara K(r)apugedara walk back after Mahela declares

Some good, light-hearted music off the field to compensate for lack of entertainment on the field!

Martin Guptill trudges back after promising a lot (28 off 32), yet disappointing!

Rangana Herath gets ready to bowl (the pic taken from beside the media box)

Got a ticket for the T20 today, hoping that I can get in without too much of a hassle! Will bring over some pictures from today’s game as well!

Pics have been taken from my phone, and they’ve come out small because the pics are originally of a high resolution. Will make sure to reduce the resolution today!

  1. Christopher Poshin David says:

    Nice blog mate….Blogrolled u.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    @CPDThanks bro, same done in return! πŸ™‚

  3. Gadgetgirl says:

    Hey! -offtopic-But I think you could like E-read. =D The book is available at rapidlibrary.com. Me got the "Splendid Suns" from there. Orr if u want it real bad, I could Email it to you or something. =)

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    @GadgetGirlI've tried reading books using the PC, but I've ended up stopping after a couple of pages…just haven't got used to it!Newayz, I've just bid for a used copy of the book on eBay, let's hope that I get it! :)thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

  5. Gadgetgirl says:

    No Pwoblem. =) Sometimes glazing at the PC sucks too. U need a comfy ideal place for a book, like the bed noh? =D

  6. Cricket Tragic says:

    @GadgetgirlYa, men! Newayz, won a used copy of the book on eBay for 4.99 pounds (abt 950 rupees), so should be able to get it in abt a week! πŸ™‚

  7. Gadgetgirl says:

    Haiyoor silly. Try Cargills at MC. Friend said she got "Thousand Splendid Suns" for Rs.400 it seems.

  8. Cricket Tragic says:

    Really? Better check it out. I ended up not paying for the one on ebay, so i'll go have a look at it! Thx for the info!


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