Oh Ye God’s! Save me from stupid people!

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes, I understand.

People who write for big websites generally have a target (say 5 articles a week) and have to meet that even if there was a nuclear attack on the whole world and everyone except the writer was dead.

However, this article on “Kaplish” really tops the ‘stupidity’ rankings.

I mean, isn’t it extremely demeaning to write about how someone is speaking the English language bad?

I can understand it if the article was about an English, Kiwi or Aussie player.

However, quite frankly, no-one cares if an Asian player can’t speak English because that isn’t their first language. If they can speak, well and good. If not, no probs at all!

Mr. Madhavankutty Pillai, get a life! Perhaps you better take a cue from cricket blogs and see how good content is written on a daily basis!

  1. Som says:

    This article was not in bad taste, but worst taste. The writer is a non-entity who had no business writing such crap and it baffles how the magazine went ahead with it.Even if Kapil speaks corrupted Esperanto, no one can take anything from him. And frankly it's none of Kutty's forefather's business.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    @SomI don't think even a great writer such as Peter Roebuck can write such articles. Not everyone is born with a silver platter. Look at Umar Akmal..I suppose he can't speak English but, who cares! He's batting absolutely sensationally and that's what matters!

  3. straight point says:

    som & ct…the article and magazine seems to have served their purpose…good or bad…publicity counts…is today's mantra…

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    @Straight PointAh, the same thing my dad tells me when I talk about irrelevant ads….'Who cares? The ad has gotten hold of your attention, fullstop!'

  5. Joey says:

    Hey, I just found out about your blog. This is the first article I read and I have to say that I think you are SOOOOO right. It really annoys me when webwriters do that, they have to understand success is not about the quantity of articles you write but about how and on which subject you write them.

  6. Cricket Tragic says:

    @JoeyWelcome to my blog. Yes, indeed, it is all due to editors, who force writers to fill columns even if there is nothing, leading them to write such rubbish!


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