WTF Charles Coventry???

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Zimbabwe
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No, the title isn’t meant to drag you into this post only for you to realise it’s some rambling nonsense, but is precisely what came to my head when I came to Cricinfo.

I was expecting to see some unending ranting about the latest England debutant, Jonathan Trott, but saw that Coventry has equalled the 12 year-old record for the highest individual innings in an ODI of 194, set by Saeed Anwar against UAE.

True, Bangladesh don’t exactly have Shane Warne or Zaheer Khan in their bowling attack, but I expected them to easily knock over the Zimbabweans, considering the fact that they don’t get a lot of international matches to play.

But, seriously…..


To think that he would’ve broken the record if stupid Prosper Utseya didn’t take a couple off the 4th ball of the over, he would’ve got there, and perhaps even gone for the double!

I wouldn’t blame you for secretly taking your phone and telling the WADA people to come and raid my house to see whether I’m using recreational drugs, considering how delirious I’ve become and the fact that I’ve posted for the third time in 2 days.

However, for some reason which I don’t understand (perhaps because of the romantic in me), I tend to get a bit excitable when records are about to be broken!

This bloke is really good…just reminds me of a line from 5ive’s famous song “We Will Rock You” – …bloody you’re a boy, make a big noise, playin’ in the street, be a big man someday…Charles, this is your moment! Soak it up, young boy!

And, BTW, Coventry wears tinted glasses! ;P

Pictures courtesy of Cricinfo

  1. Som says:

    625 runs in a single match and a bespectacles batter getting 194!

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    @SomMmmm….pity he didn't get the double, really! 🙂

  3. Ottayan says:

    Probably he started seeing (the)'double'. 🙂

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    @OttayanHehe, great one! 😛

  5. straight point says:

    they should have given him another over…nobody would have even noticed it… 😉

  6. Sachintha says:

    I too thought that couple should only have been one.I mean team runs are important and all, but even if Zim won – which they didn't by the way – the match, wtf? Who would have cared. But being on a record book is cool.

  7. Cricket Tragic says:

    @straight pointYah, perhaps they could've flown Billy Bowden in for the match…considering that he's been giving 7-ball overs in the Ashes, perhaps his miscounting skills could've been used in a situation where it really matters!@SachinthaI too thought that couple should only have been one.Didn't get ya! :(Ya, I don't think anyone would've actually cared but, consider the fact that he is the record holder as he made 194* as opposed to Anwar's 194! 🙂


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