Sanga going the direction of Ponting?

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Pakistan, Sri Lanka
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Looking at this picture really makes me cringe. Is this the same Kumar Sangakkara who is being praised by many people as one of the most level-headed voices in international cricket?

I, too, had a great deal of respect for Sanga due to his smooth talking and his level-headed opinions on many issues.

However, this incident just gives me an ugly reminder of what Ponting generally does.

OK, Younis may or may not have nicked the ball. I didn’t watch the incident live. However, all this is part and parcel of the game. You get some decisions your way and the others against.

However, this doesn’t give him an excuse to go and get into a long argument with Younis. Someone should have asked Sanga about the first ball dismissal of Kamran Akmal, where he was given LBW to a ball that clearly came off the inside edge of the bat. Sanga did, without a moment’s hesitation, appeal and got the decision.

Thank goodness it was the effervescent Younis Khan that Sanga was arguing to. Though Younis wasn’t too pleased, he managed to just give Sanga a pat on the back and send him away. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if it was Ponting that Sanga was arguing to! šŸ˜¦

The worst part of all this, like S.R. Paranavitana wrote in today’s Sunday Times, was that Saeed Ajmal was docked 15% of his match fee during the T20 for sending off Sanga while Sanga got away with the incident with Younis without a reprimand!

Sanga, for the sake of all SL cricket fans, please conduct yourself in a more dignified manner. Take the example of Mahela, who showed his ruthlessness in marshaling his troops, rather than yakking away with the opposition players!

Pictures courtesy of Cricinfo

  1. Baiju Nair says:

    Yeah, you nailed it there mate, cricket is quickly losing its dignity and there are only a few number of players left who can be called as 'gentlemen'. If people who we thought were gentlemen starts behaving like this that will be disastrous for the game of cricket.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    @Baiju NairAs far as I know, the only guy who really is conducting himself with dignity is *drumroll* Younis Khan!Yes, he does have a mouthful to say to his fielders, but as long as he doesn't try any nonsense with the umps and the opposition, that's perfectly fine!

  3. Disease says:

    I soo agree with your point on comparing Sanga to Ponting mate. I watched that whole scene on tv and was really ashamed cos none of our past captains acted in such manner in a cricket field.. We used to have Captain Cool and the Best Captain in the World in the past.. it's pathetic to see those accolades are going down the barrel now.. Being Aggressive is Ok.. But Being Foolish is totally uncalled for.. and At least Win a Match like the Aussies.. Our peeps can't even DO THAT !! Lets hope Sanga has learned his lesson against the Kiwis.. if NOT I am sure he won't be captaining Sri Lanka for a long time..

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    @DiseaseBe rest assured that Sanga won't be fired…as long as he gets the results, it'll all be fine. However, it just isn't cricket! šŸ˜¦

  5. straight point says:

    there is nothing new about it…he has always been like this…i remember him sledging pollack (?) deliberately on the stump mike so that everyone hears it…

  6. Cricket Tragic says:

    @Straight PointSledging and a bit of banter is perfectly fine, what I don't like is when you start arguing with other players about the merit of their actions! That just doesn't cut it! You get some decisions your way, so don't act like a baby throwing his toys around when decisions don't come your way!


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