Fatty Batter by Michael Simkins : Truly something that we can relate to!

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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No, this isn’t going to be a book review or anything (as I have to get an hour’s wink before going to the R. Premadasa Stadium to jostle for at least 4 tickets), but I’d just like to put in a word about the book, which I finished reading today.

It is an absolute gem of a book, detailing the life of Michael Simkins (just a popular author, not a professional cricketer, just in case you were going to Cricinfo to check out his stats) through cricket and how he found a new lease of life with it and the oddities of being a Cricket Tragic (just like me!) in his school years, which included extraordinary efforts at his O/L exams to ensure that he gets into a college with a proper cricket pitch.

He then goes on to describe his Sunday League games with a bunch of amateurs and the various (and humorous) problems he underwent!

It’s an absolutely priceless book. I’d recommend you to go and grab it at the nearest bookstore.

For those of us in Sri Lanka, we don’t get these books here, so I got it off eBay for a real steal (6 pounds), but you can get it on this eBay listing for about 11 pounds. Though it does sound a bit too much, it really is worth every cent (or penny) you spend on it!

Detailed review will come later this week!

Picture used from W.H. Smith.

  1. Som says:

    Point taken, Sir.


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