Pakistan grab the title of ‘Kollapso Kings’ from WI with style!

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Pakistan
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I know it’s extremely late to be commenting on the past 2 matches when the next one is about to start.

However, it is just fucking mad, ‘innit?. I can perfectly understand going from 90/2 to 110 all out. However, going from 285/1 to 320 all out is just taking it to the extreme.

It used to be the West Indies who were the king of collapses (famously dubbed ‘Calypso Collapso’). Now, with all the WI players on strike, Pakistan have grabbed the title firmly from them.

Yes, Younis Khan has a point when he says that Pakistan has played only 4 test matches in the last 17 months. However, 3 dramatic collapses in 4 innings definitely suggests that something is wrong with their mindset.

Not even our backyard team collapsed as such. We used to make 40/2 from 5 overs, not 50 all out after being 45/0.

I find it extremely hard to believe that they can collapse so frequently like that. Yes, Pakistan is unpredictable, but that is definitely not a good reason for such sudden collapses. I don’t think even Bangladesh collapse as badly as them.

They should consider getting the services of a psychologist, such as the Barbadian, Rudi Webster, who has been successful with a number of teams. The only one I can remember is India, but he definitely has a good track record.

They could also considering getting the SA psychologist, Jeremy Snape, on a consultancy deal whereby he visits the team once a month or so for some counselling sessions. He’s done quite a good job with the Saffers and I don’t see why he can’t do the same with the Pakistanis.

However, considering how stupidly inefficient and dumb the PCB seems to be, I don’t think this is to happen. It’ll just be a matter of me, a jobless blogger, just shouting out some ideas, only for the PCB officials to think “Why should I bother paying this Webster person? I can pocket the money myself”.

  1. greyblazer says:

    Pakistan need more players like Alam. He may not have the talent of some of the other Pakistani players but I look at him as a gutsy player.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    greyblazer, Pakistan have plenty of talent…it's just that they need a serious change of mindset to avoid giving away their wickets needlessly..I mean, look at this series. SL has rarely looked like a top-flight team due to a poor team-balance.Pakistan has regularly looked like a world-class team but a couple of overs of madness unravels the good work and hands the momentum to SL.Therefore, I think the problem is definitely in the mind….someone has to rectify this!

  3. greyblazer says:

    If the players don't perform for a considerable period of time it is better to look for someone else.It is better to have more players like Alam rather than Misbah ul Haq or Shoaib Malik as they are not consistent enough and preform only when their place are under threat.

  4. greyblazer says:

    Please have a look at my blog


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