Chris Gayle…..

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Test Cricket

Well, it took me by surprise when Gayle suddenly decided that he’s had enough of captaincy..

I’m totally cool with that because every captain has a certain shelf life, for some its 2 years, others 3 years (Mahela Jayawardene) and for some, it’s around 10 years (like Stephen Fleming).

It’s good that he wants to resign when he doesn’t like it because the most destructive thing that could happen to a team is when the captain doesn’t really like his job.

However, the fact that he decided to reveal it during a tour is, by no means, a very smart thing to do, considering that there isn’t really someone in the team who can stand out and say “Hey, I’m good to captain”. Also, the fact that he hasn’t told it to his team, but to a newspaper, just smacks of immaturity and stupidity!

Denesh Ramdin is just starting to establish his place in the team and to give him the captaincy might just burden him further. However, you never know, he might just go up and above his capabilities, like Mahela did when he was captain (barring his recent rut in limited over games).

Also, the fact that he is so nice enough to say that he wouldn’t be sad if test matches were gone…

Now, I’m all for a person speaking out his mind…I had recently commented on Brian Carpenter’s blog (can’t remember the name of his blog) that I totally support the fact that he is speaking his mind and the long duration of tours sicken everyone, not only KP.

However, though I do feel quite pissed that he says so, I think it would be best if we all (including the administrators) sit down and think deeply about what he said.

Yes, money does rule the game. I think the whole shit of ‘I love playing for my country, it’s such an honour’ is generally said by people who actually love the dosh. The game’s commercialised, people do start playing cricket because of a love for the game, but realise that it’s a good way of making a living and decide that that’s what matters, regardless of whether it involves giving up country for club.

Rather than trying to hunt Gayle down and point an AK-47 at his temple and ask him to scream “Test Cricket is God”, I think we should do that to Julian Hunte, the WICB president.

You have your mind set on making $900,000 for 6 weeks of work, and when some other idiots ruin that for their monetary benefit, it is truly pissifying! I totally feel for him, though it shouldn’t be miscontrued as me hating test cricket. In fact, I generally switch over to a test match over the IPL because there is something soothing about test cricket which the IPL (or even the EPL, or any other damn PL) can’t match.

Perhaps this could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe this could be a rude wake-up signal for the administrators to create a window for the IPL and the Champions Leagues so that players can make their money and don’t have to rue playing for their country.

Bravo, Chris Gayle! I applaud you for speaking your mind! (Just loved your jibe about Strauss! Stuff of the Legends! 🙂

I’d like to wind up this post with what Gayle said about the scheduling of games, something which we should make administrators read out loud with a gun to their head..

There’s a lot of cricket being played and I’ve started to develop a lot of injuries. It takes a toll on your body and your mental strength so at some stage you aren’t going to go on forever. You have to choose what you are going to do as a person.



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