Pakistan not co-hosting WC and Modi finds better ways of making money!

Posted: April 17, 2009 in Lalit Modi
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I can’t fuckin’ believe it!

I never thought the day would come!

Pakistan is not co-hosting the WC 2011…

Did it have to take the ICC so long?

Thank God for that, or else we would’ve had half the teams not going to Pakistan, which would’ve ruined what promises to be a miserable tournament, with or without Pakistan.

As for the I(SA)PL, Modi has brought in a 7.5 minute time-out in between matches so that players can discuss tactics. It is to be taken after the first 10 overs of an innings….

Whatever I may say about Modi, I have to say, he is quite clever…getting $2 million in ad revenue for each time-out is just plain clever.

He has also ordered broadcasters to get in 2000 seconds of advertisments during the match.

Now this is quite impractical, according to the broadcasters, who say that, in theory, they would have to have an ad-break of 40 seconds between overs and 1 minute between wickets. This is considering that each innings will last 20 overs and the team will lose 10 wickets. If not…..

In order to implement all this, Modi has brought in a new set of fines..
– 1st offense carries a $20k fine for the captain
– 2nd offense carries a $20k fine for each member of the team
– 3rd offense carries a team fine of $360k and skip is banned for 1 match..

Well, it’s for you to decide whether Modi is being clever or if we are going to watch only 4-ball overs on TV…



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