Gerrie Snyman for England?

Posted: April 13, 2009 in england
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It’s a well known fact that England really don’t have a lot of big hitters….

Was just looking through cricinfo and saw this article on Gerrie Snyman, a Namibian dude who has played 35 first-class matches and scored 2285 runs at a strike rate of 72. Limited overs cricket: 1951 runs @ a SR of 110.

Perhaps they should try to find some long lost English uncle of Snyman so that they could get him in the squad for the T20WC, like the Netherlands did for Aussie Dirk Nannes, and get him to teach the other English players to play shots like this…

ECB, I require a commission for suggesting the idea, or I shall kick you in the arse, Mr. Clarke (some relation to Michael Clarke? Possibly another Aussie spy who knows Urdu!)

  1. Gallicissa says:

    Looks a good prospect for future.Thanks for dropping by in my blog.I like your nom de guerre.I think I have heard it before in the 12th Man’s “Boned” – used in particular to refer one J. Howard.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    Oh yes, you are right! John Howard was the immediate former prime minister of Australia and couldn’t even bowl with a simple tennis ball…And that’s pretty much how I am…I’m absolutely crazy about cricket, but I really can’t play as well as I am interested in it…;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    i grew up playing cricket with this guy. not only does he hit you right back where you came from he could also make you jump when he strides in with his carribean open chested action averaging round 140 km/h.konrad


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