Cricinfo can really be stupid at times…

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , putting a news like ‘Hughes seeks advice from Waugh’ as the main news…


What the fuck is so great about that?

Okay, he gets advice from ‘The Ice Man’, but does it really impact anyone (other than the Poms)?

It should have been at the bottom of the page rather on the very top…

However, I should say that Cricket365 really takes a humorous view of issues and is very informal, thereby making you feel more at home…

However, nothing can beat Som’s Doosra, who really takes the mickey out of any issue that crops up in cricket…really does a lot to relieve the tension in cricket..:)

  1. Sachintha says:

    It took you this long to figure it out?We’ve been calling it “crapinfo” for a while… Not without a reason…:D

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    Oh, looks like I’m behind the times? :sU have to admit, ‘Crapinfo’ does get privy to a lot of news and does have some great ‘feature articles’ written by some great guys like Ian Chappell, Sanga, Fazeer Mohammed…But, seriously, go look at Som’s blog…you might even piss your pants laughing at what that dude writes…he should really do stand-up comedy IMO..:)

  3. Sachintha says:

    Crapinfo is informative alright, but it IS biased.And for me, personally, Ian Chappell sucks.Sure I will check that out, and check this out if you haven’t alraedy. JRod is prolly THE BEST cricket blogger. He ia an Aussie, but writes great…Thanks for that blog buddyCheers!

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    yep, I’ve been following JRod for some time now, he’s quite suttle in his humour!


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