England have a…

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Ashes, Australia, england
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….rat’s chance in hell of winning the Ashes!

Honestly, looking back to the SA tour to Australia, I thought that we might see a repeat of that series, but it now looks all bleak. Aussies are soaring sky high and don’t seem to have a limit (Mitch Johnson becomes an all-rounder, Hughes is super reliable, Sizzle gets better, the list is endless…), while England are going down, down and down! With KP deciding that he wants to have his wife for long tours, it just shows how unsatisfied he is with the whole dumping thing of him, and it really isn’t going to help as it’s a well-known fact that he is England’s ace card!

  1. Java Jones says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but Pieterson increasingly comes across as a prima-donna and not really a ‘team man’. Too bad, as he has a whole lot going for him otherwise.And you’re right, England look as bad as Australia looks good – and the Aussies getting better to boot.

  2. Cricket Tragic says:

    I would disagree on that issue…I’m quite sure no-one likes a 11 week-long tour, it’s just that KP is the only person who has the balls to actually say that out loud (maybe because he’s “un-English”?)..perhaps the administrators should take notice and perhaps reduce the 5 day gap between ODIs to 3 or so, which would be perfect!


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