Women’s cricket is progressing…

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Was watching the highlights of the final yesterday.

There was an England spinner called Holly Colvin (who I remember was a 16 year old when playing in the Ashes in 2005) who was giving the ball a helluva lot of flight on the ball, it seemed so irresistible to hit. I admire her courage in doing that, and perhaps a number of men spinners should learn something from that.

In addition, with the risk of sounding sexist, it was quite strange (and funny!) to hear the women sorta screeching when appealing! 😛

It was nice to hear some top commentators like Danny Morrison and Wasim Akram also commentating. It really does raise the profile of the game as these 2 would, no doubt, be eager to tell fellow commentators and other people about the women’s game, which would, no doubt, help a lot in raising its profile.

England were the clear champions due to one major factor. They were the first set of women cricketers to go professional by getting central contracts from the ECB, which meant that they could give their full focus 24/7 to cricket rather than trying to hang on to some job while playing cricket as a part time job.

Basically, what the administrators of the game should realise is that professional contracts is the most requisite step towards increasing the profile of the game.



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