IPL becomes….SAPL!

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Lalit Modi, Twenty20
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Well well, isn’t this quite farficial?

Indian domestic tournament is going to be held in South Africa…


Would FA ever think of having the English Premier League in Germany?

This is quite stupid.

Alright, there are so many financial considerations at stake..

Sponsors are leaving, TV rights have become more expensive..

But it doesn’t mean that you stage an Indian tournament in another country. It does look very stupid (more like egg thrown on Lalit Modi’s face).

Reading some Indian newspapers online, they reckon that this was supposed to be a political stunt aimed at putting the Congress government in an uncomfortable situation on the eve of elections. They expected it to be fodder for the opposition rival, BJP.

Alas, Modi has been forced into actually doing it!

Fuck Modi, all hail P.Chidambaram (Home minister)! I bow down to you, sir!

They tried to get it in England so that they could give the players some practice before the World Cup, but it was always a stupid idea.

For one, even if the weather was going to be really bright and shiny, the domestic season is supposed to start next month, and all the major grounds would be occupied by the counties for practices and matches, leaving the IPL with some ‘minor counties’ grounds, which would’ve been quite farficial.

Other than that, there was the TV rights issue. BSkyB has rights to broadcast all matches played in England, but Setanta has rights to broadcast the IPL in Engalnd. It would’ve made for an akward situation.

Anyhowz, it’s going to take place in SA, the only feasible place, costwise, stadium availability-wise (it’s off-season in SA), and TV rights-wise (SS has sole rights to broadcast locally played matches as well as the IPL).

All this is very stupid, to be honest.

I’m all for what Alan Tyers of Cricket365 has written.

…As for actual attendances, will the cricketing public be flocking to Trent Bridge to watch the Kolkata Jamsandwiches against the Chennai Carpetbaggers? I strongly suspect not, and unfortunately – unlike India – Nottingham cannot bus in a wildly enthusiastic, dollar-a-day rent-a-crowd to bolster the atmosphere. Telly viewers, presumably even Indian ones, must notice such indifference…

…If the tournament were to be a total wash-out in terms of weather, attendance, or credibility, then maybe that would help sharpen the minds of the people who run the game to the fact that a lot of cricket fans worldwide have little or no interest in the IPL, and that maybe this isn’t the future of the sport.

I am not saying that the IPL is necessarily a worthless event in its own right. Who doesn’t enjoy cheerleaders and six-hitting? Just that it is clearly dominating and bullying the real sport of Test cricket. Already the Test match calendar is being massaged to suit the whim of the IPL, and a strong IPL means that this is only going to get worse.

If your idea of cricket is watching Mitchell Johnson tearing into Jacques Kallis at 92 miles per hour or Daren Powell and Fidel Edwards hang on for 60 balls with 10 men around the bat, or a 19-year-old Ishant Sharma attacking Ricky Ponting again and again with the inswinger before getting him caught at slip with the one that went away then… well, you like real cricket. Test cricket. And the IPL, really, is only going to mess with that more and more, so a few body-blows here and there probably aren’t anything to shed many tears over…



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