IPL locking horns with the Indian Government and the FICA?

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Lalit Modi
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Lalit Modi really is testing the limits of his powers.

He, along with that other idiot, IS Bindra, are trying their best not to postpone the IPL, but I suppose when the Government of the country tells you not to hold a tournament at a particular time, I suppose you have to respect it, but that’s not what Modi seems to think. He wants to keep the tournament as it is, despite there being a huge chance that we’ll be seeing sleeping security personnel at the grounds and accompanying the teams.

He also refused to allow the FICA into the discussions about security, which is mightily stupid. The trump cards of the IPL, the players from SA, England and Australia will only follow the advice of the FICA before proceeding to India. Therefore, doing this will just ensure that they don’t have many of the star attractions of the IPL, which, in turn, means less sponsors….



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