Murali as VC??

Posted: March 12, 2009 in Sri Lanka
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Surprises, surprises! The high officials in SL never disappoint us and decided to spring a surprise and appoint Murali as Sanga’s deputy!

Of course, it does bring the question, what happened to Dilshan?

Clearly, most of the players wouldn’t have been happy, and not a lot of us locals over here liked the way he captained the team during the T20 against India. It was utterly disgraceful and a complete contrast to the way Dhoni captains.

This idiot was screaming at the bowlers for bowling bad balls and staring at his own mates!

Now, one thing I like about MSD’s captaincy is that he always runs to the bowler to have a chat with him if he feels that something is not right. He conducts himself in an extremely mature manner that really belies his age.

On the other hand, this idiot acts like a monkey on the field, it’s no wonder that he wasn’t appointed as VC.

The second reason, the most likely one, was that there is no other person who can command a place in the side. Most of the youngsters are either very new or permenantly out of form.

Perhaps it’s a decent decision. Murali did indicate that he’d retire after the 2011 WC, so perhaps SLC figured that they would’ve got a proper successor by then. Let’s hope SL does! 🙂



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