WTF is wrong with these dudes?

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Pakistan, Sri Lanka
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Man, now this is totally fucked up! Terrorists come and shoot down the SL players. …..WTF? It’s just so sad..I feel really bad for the Pakistani people because they would’ve been quite happy to see a proper international team playing in their own lawn after a long time and, now, a bunch of psychopaths, whose main objective is to disrupt anything which is done peacefully in the country, destroy everything. I suppose the Pakistanis will just have to flush down the dream of watching the wordl cup in another 2 years, down the toilet!

This also shows that there hasn’t been enough security measures on the part of the Pakistanis. I just get the feeling that perhaps the SL board should have been more insistent on a proper security report. It’s quite clear that SL was sent to tour Pakistan because the SL board is near to bankrupt, and they desperately need the money. So they just got a stupid security report just for the sake of it and sent the boys there. I feel that Lokuge (Sports Minister) and Liyanagama (SLC ‘competent’ authority) should be shot between the eyes for not having insisted on a proper report by an independent security consultant. Perhaps they would’ve got the bugger running the ‘Perera & sons’ adjoining the SSC to do a ‘security report’ so that they could show it to any concerned players…so sad…



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