Dominic Cork sends in a good one-liner

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Well, as you would already know from reading a previous post, Dom Cork is now in Pakistan (yes, that country where bombs are supposedly blowing up every nanosecond).

He was in the commentary box with Ranil Abeynaike (former Colombo-SSC curator turned commentator) and someone (I think Faisal Iqbal) had cover-driven Fernando. Murali tries to stop it with his football skills, which are actually, quite surprisingly, very good, but it fails him this time and it runs off to the boundary.

Dom Cork has this to say:

“…Murali, leave the football to Manchester United”

Hehe, perhaps Cork hasn’t been watching a lot of cricket…maybe ruing the fact that he didn’t put his hand up for the IPL!



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