Thilan and Mahela….

Posted: February 22, 2009 in Pakistan, Sri Lanka
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… the salsa on the bowler’s graveyard situated in Karachi!

My my, what a chance for Mahela to leave his imprint on the history of SL cricket! Now this is what you call ‘writing your own script’! He must’ve realised that he could cash in big in this test series because of the flat nature of pitches in Pakistan and the fact that they’re playing a test match after 14 months and, that too, under a new captain.

I was really hoping that they would be the first duo to both record triple tons in the same innings in test cricket (it would’ve been the 2nd instance in first-class cricket, after a Indian duo, which included Sanjay Manjrekar’s dad, Vijay, after nearly 50 years)..

Heck, they couldn’t get that, but they did break a 52 year old record for the most runs scored for the 4th wicket partnership, held by Peter May and Colin Cowdrey (most famously known for his initials, MCC) of 411, scored against WI @ Edgbaston.

They also scored the most runs for any wicket @ Karachi, and made the highest total.

You have to feel sorry for poor Sohail Khan. He’s been thrown into the worst situation that a debutant bowler could ever be in (remember Nilesh Kulkarni, who made his debut when SL scored 952 against India).

Yes, he’s leaked nearly 6.5 runs per over in 21 overs, but, come on, he’s just playing his first test. Karachi is no place to give a bowler, that too a young one, his maiden cap. It would be really great for his confidence if he is picked for the next test too because it would do a world of good for his confidence.

However, having seen Pakistan cricket politics, I highly doubt that will happen and perhaps Mohammad Talha (another uncapped youngster who was last seen sniggering in the dressing room watching Sohail bowling) would get a cap.

In other matters, it still continues to baffle me why a bowler who clearly has a problem with landing his front foot behind or on the line and bowling stray gets to play in the team.

However, with every match Dilhara is playing, I feel my confidence now bursting at the seams. Mr. Selector, I don’t bowl a single no-ball or wide, so perhaps you could pick me!



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