Giles Clarke and the ECB have…

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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…, in the words of satirist Andy Zaltzman, …emerged from this with egg on its face, in its hair, all over its jacket, and dribbling apologetically onto its shoes.

Well, I should have known that something was up with Al when I read that his financial ventures are recession-proof.

It’s now all in the open. The SEC has served Al with papers, and he’s gonna be busted anytime soon.

Good for the bastard who said that Test Cricket is boring!

Apparently, he had went AWOL for some time.

Federal investigators caught up with him.

Therefore, from now on, we should all heed the words of Andy Zaltzman, and remember what he said.

Never trust a sentence that has ‘Texan’ and ‘cricket’ in it



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