Levi makes Louis Vuitton pay!

Posted: February 16, 2009 in england, West Indies

Man, if there ever was a way to get some real payback, Strauss has done it just the perfect way!

When I saw that Strauss had made 169, I was thinking “good for him, making good use of a bowler’s graveyard”. I then realised “Woah, this was in a day, rite? How the heck did he make so much?”

Then went over to the scorecard and saw that he scored @ a strike rate of just over 60, which is SUPER – FAST by his recent standards, although he did used to play @ such a rate before the Ashes 2006/07.

Chris Gayle sent them into bat thinking that he might get something and, bar the odd 2-paced bounce, it was just the perfect chance for England to get themselves into the groove.

The tickets at the Rec Ground are said to have been sold out, which must be just fabulous because the environment must be just superb out there! Wish I was there!

However, what I’d really like to see is a triple-century, something which we haven’t seen in a long time (since Mr. Sehwagology made the most brilliant triple-ton against SA @ the bowler’s deathbed more commonly known as the “MA Chidambaram Stadium)!

PS – Everything’s been sorted out, I’m going to continue blogging as usual! Don’t forget to peek in once in a while! 🙂



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