Jaywardene jumped the gun?

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Mahela Jayawardene has resigned without an explanation…

What does this mean?

Were there any conflicts in the team?

Wasn’t he enjoying the job anymore?

Or, did he jump the gun by announcing his retirement before he got the boot?

Well, the last option looks a bit farfetched, considering how it is kinda’ like ‘protocol’ to give the captain a good run till you kick him out.

However, a leading Sunday newspaper, which has always been very reliable with its insider information, claims that they were planning to seperate the captaincy.

If this was the case, then what Mahela did was good. He could’ve just resigned from ODIs and continued as Test captain (mind you, he had a win-loss ratio of 2.15, which is quite good), but he would’ve felt that the team would’ve benefitted by having just one captain (look no further than England to see how bad split-captains can be).

What I would do now is kick him from the limited-overs side and ask him to get some form on the domestic circuit. However, his test record still remains impeccable and I would keep him in the test side!

In all probability, Sanga will become the captain, but in the unlikely event that he doesn’t become the captain, it’ll be Dilshan



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