Brutal Honesty

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Sri Lanka
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Just reading the cricinfo commentary, and someone by the name of Shamil has written the following to the Cricinfo inbox.

“The only hope for SL is for some honesty at the press conference. If Mahela says something like the following I’ll be cheered up “We were rubbish. I thought it was just problems with the batting, but now even the bowling is not that good. To be the first captain to face a 5-0 whitewash, that too at home will be the lowest point in my career. We have talent but we’re just rubbish at applying it. Let’s hope this is rock bottom and the only way is up.” “

Nothing is wrong in what he said. He should’ve mentioned one more thing. “Some of the players are picked and even made vice-captain because they’re my really good friends” (casting a glance @ Kapugedera and Mubarak)



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