Posted: February 3, 2009 in Sri Lanka
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It isn’t a very nice feeling to wake up and find the score @ 260/3 (that too after seeing it @ 19/2 before sleeping). It doesn’t help to see the over meter at only 34, as I had to walk all the way to my PC to see what happened!

SL is getting a sound thrashing, and I’m currently kicking myself in the rear for deciding yesterday not to go to the match! What an innings both Viru and Yuvraj seem to have played, and it would’ve been an absolute treat to watch them.

I might go to the 4th ODI. Should pray that they do the same on Friday, and that I get to see some ‘Sehwagology’! 😉

BTW, I’m planning to go to the T20, and I’ve got Internet configured on my fone, so I should be blogging live from the RPS on Friday and Tuesday! Make sure you come over to my blog! 🙂

  1. Damith S. says:

    hi there, are you an indian living in sl ?


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