Australia….the New Pakistan….

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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…in the eyes of an Indian.

Looks like people consider Australia as the team to beat at all costs. It was, not too long ago Pakistan, but with Pakistan having plunged to the depths of mediocrity, Australia have now wrested the mantle from them.

I make this statement after having watched ‘Victory’, a Hindi movie depicting the life of an Indian cricketer, the adultation and hate that he faces. It’s a really good movie, because the director has got the services of an army of current and past international cricketers to give the movie a very realistic feel.

The cricketers include Harbhajan Singh (who does mutter a bit after being carted by the hero 😀 ), Ramesh Powar, Ashish Nehra, Brett Lee (who really does a lot of realistic acting e.g. the hero’s name is Vijay Shekawat, and he always shows the V sign with his fingers. When he’s dismissed for a duck by Lee, Lee says ‘hey (shows the V sign, and then inverts it and moves it front and back) and tells him to walk away), Stuart Clark, Brad Hogg, Albie Morkel, Dimi Mascarenhas, Simon Jones, Sohail Tanvir, Graeme Smith (who keeps saying that Vijay’s shots are a ‘fluke’. He gets a mouthful back after Vijay hooks the bowlers and then says ‘we call that shot a hook, not a fluke’!)

It really is something everyone should watch.

Here’s the official trailer



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