OMG, are the Aussies really disintegrating?

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Australia
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OK, I watched the matches between SA and Australia and saw how bad they were, but the way the Aussies are going about against NZ in the match currently taking place, it seems to be a much more acute problem!

However, 54/4 after 19 overs seems really crazy! I mean, NZ, truth be told, is just “Mediocrity Unlimited”, but if they actually can knock off 4 wickets before 20 overs, there’s something seriously wrong with them! (Millsy has 2)

WOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now this is really crazy! I was fearing that I may jinx NZ, but looks like its affecting Australia! Now its 5 down, with Mike Hussey and Haddin @ the crease.

Ponting doesn’t seem to be able to handle a bunch of ordinary cricketers. He just seems to be failing to inspire the boys, even though his performance hasn’t been too bad!

Perhaps it’s time to give ‘Pup’Clarke a shot at the captaincy! However, there’s no way that Ponting can be dropped, because his form has been quite good, just that he doesn’t seem to be able to inspire his teammates!

Fresh faces can do wonders. Just look @ Dhoni! In addition to inspiring with the bat, he inspires with his captaincy too! (The bugger even has a magnetic effect on the coins being used for the toss in SL, having won the toss 6 out of 7 times)



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