The Curious Case of Andrew Symonds

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Man, I think someone in the CA seriously doesn’t like Symonds.

I mean, come on! OK, it was not entirely correct to call McCullum a ‘lump of shit’, whatever opinion he may have had of him, but, come on, it was just a light-hearted radio program! Besides, it’s not like McC is a descendant of the ‘Shit’ family that he felt offended or anything!

Seriously, the max I would have done if I was in charge of the CA (as a totally impartial person) was to just call him in private without publicising it, and tell him to be a bit more polite.

This is just my opinion, but I get the bad feeling that they’re really going WAAAAAYYYYY over the top with what he did! I mean, a possible fine of USD 5750? Man, that’s a fortune! And a possibility that he may have to sit-out the tour to South Africa?

OK, he might not be in the best of form, but, come on, if you don’t want him, just drop him rather than just plain embarrassing him!

PEOPLE! He hasn’t murdered McCullum FYI! He’s just made an honest comment! He’s a human being too!

I’m telling you, there’s definitely a conspiracy going on against Symmo! I’m not trying to act stupid, but it’s true if you think about it. There’s definitely some shit going on against Symmo (Oh man, I just said the ‘s’ word! Is blogger gonna fine me the couple of cents that I’ve got from AdSense?).

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  3. Cricket Strategist says:

    Hope CSA doesn’t become too much of a nanny to these guys… We love the Pontings, Haydens and Symonds’ of the world with their smart chirps!

  4. Cricket Tragic says:

    Hehe, it’ll take a bit of time to get used to it! 😛


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