deVilliers and Duminy getting SA closer and closer…….

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Australia, south africa, Test Cricket
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As I write, AB deVilliers and debutant JP Duminy are inching SA closer and closer to their target (80 runs needed in 57.3 overs with 6 wickets remaining). This will, indeed, be historic in 2 ways as it will be the first win by SA in Australia since their readmission to cricket in 1991, and the second highest successful run chase in a test (the most successful, incidentially, was also against Australia, by West Indies in 2003, chasing a total of 418).

In fear of jinxing SA, I’m winding up this post, hope to get back as soon as they…….

PS – I can’t get any pics from the match since the stupid CA decided not to allow any pictures of the match to be taken due to some stupid reason! :@



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