Taylor gets a hundred…but which one?

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Test Cricket, West Indies
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Just imagine the surprise I received when I got to the cricinfo page.

“Taylor century stuns NZ”

Now this got me truly baffled. There are 2 Taylors playing in the game, Ross (NZ) and Jerome (WI). The former is a top-order batsman, while the other is a specialist fast bowler who hasn’t done much of note with the bat.

So I thought that there might be something wrong, because there’s no way that Ross Taylor could make a century against the team he’s playing for.

So I go to the live scorecard and, voila, Jerome Taylor, who has never ever made a half – century in his life (not even when playing for Jamaica), has got a ton!

If that wasn’t a bad enough indicator of how bad the NZ attack is, he’s made that at a run-a-ball! He came in when Chanderpaul had 27 or so off 80-odd balls, and now the innings has ended with him having scored 106 off 107, while Chanderpaul takes twice the number of balls, but scores 30 less!

Man, Test cricket can bring out some wierd alter-egos in people! 😛



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